Buffalo Soldier, No Woman No Cry, One Love & I’m Too Sexy For This Boat…..was just a small taste of the music enjoyed by 80 Animal Aid supporters on the Bert’s Blues Booze Cruise, held on Carole & Tayfun’s boat on Thursday 23rd May 2013, to entertain us – on behalf of the FETAV FEST WEEK.

The day started at 1030am when everyone boarded and positioned themselves ready with beach towels, sun lotion and swimwear – the sun desperately trying to break through the low cloud.

Bert and Deniz set up their equipment and started to entertain us immediately at no cost at all to Animal Aid. Kamile, Bert’s wife also accompanied us on the trip and enjoyed talking to some of the Animal Aid supporters. They kindly donated their time and musical skills to us for the day, and of course as a contribution to the Fetav Fest week.

We had one stop for the day, at a small bay where people had the chance to swim ashore or just wallow in the beautiful turquoise sea.

A member of the Animal Aid team threw a bottle of red wine into the water, for anyone brave enough to nose dive into the water to retrieve.

Baz Prowse (pictured above left) a keen diver and well known Animal Aid volunteer managed this very skilfully, but was kind enough to donate it back again.

It was finally caught successfully by Mike Chamberlain who later entertained everyone on board with his version of ‘I’m too sexy for this boat’. Mike was accompanied by three friends who were his backing dancers – Mike Daly, Martin Palmer and John Brett. The guy’s strutted their stuff to the dulcet tones of Mike’s voice…..and with the help of three mysterious ladies.

After a lovely barbequed lunch with pasta and coleslaw, the boogieing continued to Bert’s music and the revellers revelled and there was no mutiny on this boat! As far as we are aware nobody did a ‘Kate Winslet’ on the bow either.

This was a very successful event and would therefore like to thank everyone for buying a ticket and supporting the street animals of Fethiye. Also a big thank you to Carole, Tayfun and his crew for accommodating us with a great deal and providing a fantastic day for all – Animal Aid highly recommend a trip with them!!

Lastly of course another thank you to Bert, Deniz and Kamile for providing us with the music. Please look out for the next Animal Aid event…………..you have got to join us!!