Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes top tax payers praised, belly dancing holiday to relive stress came to Fethiye, children urged to “Bring a Gun, Take a Book and more.

Top Tax Payers Praised

Central Fethiye

The tax office released details of the top 10 tax payers in Fethiye last week. The figures, based on the 2012 tax records, hailed the tax payers as ‘champions’.

The top three positions went to: www.fethiyetimes.com

1. The owner of Ramadan Bazaar (206 TL thousand)

2. A travel company owner based in Oludeniz (182 TL thousand)

3. A doctor that specialises in cardiovascular disease conditions (177 TL thousand)

They also released the top 10 for Mugla with the top position going to a tax payer from Bodrum. The Fethiye number one made the third position in that table.

Income tax receipts for Mugla in 2012 totalled 91 TL million up 7% on the previous year and property rental tax increased by 12.8%.

The economy was thriving in 2012 it seems.

Lifeguard Course Held

Oludeniz, Fethiye

The Fethiye Association of Hotelliers (FETOB) held a lifeguard training course last week at a hotel in Oludeniz.

Over 30 people took part in the 4 day course.

The FETOB Vice Chairman was quoted as saying that water safety was an important activity and that this professional course will enable our staff to be effective lifeguards.

Dancing Away Stress on Holiday in Fethiye

Central Fethiye

Famous German dancer Leyla Jouvana (pictured above) visited Fethiye last week to teach belly dancing and other modern dance to a group of eager tourists visiting Fethiye on a specialist dance holiday.

Dance is a healthy pastime said Leyla and it helps relive the stress of modern living. So combining dance with a holiday seems the ultimate stress buster.

The group also visited local beauty spots and took a boat trip around the bays.



Children Urged to “Bring a Gun, Take a Book”

Central Fethiye

A worthy exercise was held at the Fethiye Cultural Centre last week when local children were urged to “Bring a gun, take a book”.

The aim is to teach children that guns are dangerous items, and playing with toy guns, coupled with gun-related violence portrayed in films, TV and computer games, can make guns seem just normal objects rather than things which can, and do, kill.

Kids who surrendered their toy guns at the Centre could choose a book to take home instead of the toy.

The report did not contain any indication of the number of children who took part.

Air Ambulance to the Rescue

Arkaca, Fethiye

The air ambulance helicopter touched down outside the Fethiye State Hospital last week to pick up a premature baby that had breathing difficulties.

The helicopter took the baby to Antalya where specialist facilities to care for such babies are located.

The relatives of the mother travelled the 3 hour trip to Antalya by road. www.fethiyetimes.com