A special project to provide much needed equipment for a Fethiye children’s rehabilitation centre as well as hearing aids for individual children came to a successful conclusion recently.

Çalış based children’s charity, the 3C’s, had previously provided educational aids and toys for the Ozel Saygin Rehabilitation centre, which was formerly located next to Çalış Sunday Market. They had also provided an electric wheelchair for one of the older girls and before Christmas had purchased a further two manual wheelchairs for other youngsters.

Earlier this year the group committed to helping the centre further by providing two much needed Tilt Tables as well as hearing aids for four individual children at the centre.

The centre has now moved from Çalış to a new building in the Patlangic district of Fethiye and members of the 3C’s were recently invited to visit the staff and children at their new centre. The new building spread over 4 floors caters for the needs of the 210 children that use the centre each week; these children have a range of problems ranging form autism, physical, mental, hearing and sight difficulties and come from all over the Mugla district from as far away as Kas and Korkutelli near Antalya.

During their visit, the group not only saw the educational toys that they had previously purchased being put to good use by the youngsters, but they also saw the two new Tilt Tables which they had provided, being used for a whole range of physiotherapy treatments for youngsters who would normally be bed ridden.

The charity had also recently purchased four hearing aids for youngsters at the centre, based on the medical reports and recommendations of the audiologist at Fethiye State Hospital. These included a special “sonic ear” implant for a young girl. The medical Director at the centre said that the lives of these youngsters had been transformed as a result of receiving the aids and described how the children had reacted when they first heard the sound of a door bell or a dog bark. He said that the young girl fitted with the ear implant has gone from being profoundly deaf to having enough hearing to start speech therapy in the future.

The 3C’s would like to thank all their supporters for helping them to raise the money to fund this project and to make these changes to the children’s lives possible.