Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes young people donating pocket money to village school, raft stunt a success and more.

Young People Donate Pocket Money to Help Village School

Ceylan Village near Seki, Fethiye

Students from Atatürk School in central Fethiye donated their pocket money and contributions from their parents to Ceylan primary school.

The money was used to redecorate 4 classrooms, paint the outside of the school building, install new boards, buy stationery, toys and more.

Books were also added to the school library.

The Director of Atatürk School, teachers and students toured the school to witness the refurbishment and new items purchased.

Governor of Muğla Visits School Destroyed by Fire

Karaçhula, Fethiye

Last week we reported that all teachers and over 174 students were safely evacuated with no injuries when a fire, thought to have been caused by an electrical fault that occurred, detroyed the school.

This week the Governor of Muğla Fathi Sahin visited the school to witness the devastation. During his visit he said that works will start immediately to rebuild the school and should be completed by the end of the summer.

He also reiterated his praise for staff and students for their safe and effective evacuation that resulted in no casualties but recognised the psychological impacts that such and event can leave with all those involved.

Raft Stunt Works

Korubükü Village near Saklıkent, Fethiye

Plans to build a bridge over the Eşen river to reduce the distance to neighbouring villages is now a reality thanks to political intervention.

Local politicians made the case to an eager national press pack by crossing the river on a raft made from oil drums. The previous bridge had collapsed some time ago.

A tender issued for the construction of the 51 metre long and 5 metre high bridge was won by a specialist company for 840,000 TL. The project will be completed within 93 days.


Cable Car Seen as a Key Attraction for Development of Tourism


Fethiye Chamber of Commerce met with the Deputy Governor of Muğla last week to discuss a wide range of issues that they identified.

They accepted that agriculture was an important element of the local economy but that tourism was the biggest growth industry.

The Babadağ Cable Car is seen as a significant project to promote tourism and put Fethiye firmly on the tourist map.

The Chamber said that they are very happy that the project has been recognised but wanted it speeded up and some tasks delegated to locals.