The campaign to close the Kaş Dolphin park is to receive a big boost on Monday 8th April when prominent Turkish business woman Buket Uzuner will present a petition with over 20,000 to the local authorities.

Buket Uzuner, who defines herself as “explorer, writer, dolphin friend” and who is known as “one of 75 successful women of the Republic of Turkey”, collected almost 20,000 signatures with “Close Kaş Dolphin Park immediately and free the dolphins” petition which she started on platform, which has more than 32 million users in 196 countries.

Uzuner is coming to Kaş on Monday the 8th of April to present these signatures to the authorities and to make a press statement.

Kaş Environmental Platform invites everyone who stands against the captivity and exploitation of dolphins to be at the Kaş Cumhuriyet Meydanı on Monday 8th April at 11am.

Together with Kaş Environmental Platform and Free the Dolphins Platform members, Buket Uzuner will visit the Mayor and District Governor.

Following the meeting, she will also visit the watercolour and calligraphy exhibition, which speaks up against the dolphin parks, “Vira Vira Yunuslara Ozgurluk” in the Kaş Kultur Evi.

The local NGOs in Kaş came together as the Kaş Environmental Platform and took action against the dolphin park following the transfer of four dolphins from Bodrum to the facility in Kaş in November 2011.

Building public awareness with information meetings, the Platform also made crime complaints about the practices in the facility which is against law.

Although capturing dolphins, which are wild sea mammals, is against Animal Protection Law (No: 5199) and international agreements to which Turkey is a party, the complaint was not prosecuted by the judicial authorities.

Finally on 28th May 2012, the facility’s door was sealed by the Kaş Municipality, after a complaint that they were accepting customers without having a working permission.

After transferring two of the dolphins to another dolphin park in Bodrum Güvercinlik on 18th June 2012, the facility owners tried to offer services for “watching dolphins” and “swimming with dolphins” to Kaş inhabitants and tourists in spite of the seal on the door and they had to deal with complaints again.

Recently, the facility owners sued Kaş Municipality for their negative response to the facility’s working permission application.

Goknil Sayılır, the president of Kaş Animal Friends Association, states that this lawsuit must finish to the Municipality’s benefit because the dolphin parks are against the law.

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