Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes Fethiye Police ask drivers to belt up or face fine, AKUT called out to woolly jumper and more.

Drivers Asked to Belt Up

Traffic Police in Fethiye have apparently been ‘educating’ drivers on the importance of seat belts this week.

They have been stopping cars where people could be seen not to be wearing their seat belts, and explaining how important it is to wear one, and then sending them on their way with the slogan “Put the belt on before you turn the key”.

From 25 March they will add a fine of 77TL for each person not wearing a seat belt.

You have been warned.

Police Thwart Tall Order Thieves

Fethiye Police caught two enterprising young thieves this week aged 17 and 19.

The 19-year-old is 6ft 3 inches tall and, apparently, hoisted his shorter partner onto his shoulders, so he could look into first floor apartments, or the upstairs rooms of houses.

When something valuable was spotted, they later burgled the premises.

In three months they broke into over 20 homes and, when arrested, police recovered around 100 thousand TL of jewellery and 10 thousand lira’s worth of electronic goods.

The youths had already sold some of their bounty and spent the money.

In fact they were arrested after one of them tried to sell some jewellery, and the shopkeeper became suspicious and phoned the police.

Now Fethiye Police are trying to reunite stolen goods with their owners.


Woolly Jumper Japes

The local branch of AKUT, the search and rescue organisation, sprang into action this week when a woman in Kayaköy contacted them about one of her sheep, seen stuck on a rock above the village.

Actually the head of AKUT, Ersin Gür, was in A & E as a patient when the call came, receiving antibiotics intravenously for a severe throat infection.

On receiving the call, he removed the drip from his hand and headed for Kaya.

The team set up a generator, this was all taking place after dark, and used it to power lamps with which they scanned the rock face. No sheep.

An AKUT member was then winched down to the rocks and searched manually. No sheep.

After several hours they gave up but returned the next day to search by daylight. Still no sheep.

Mr. Gür told local press they would continue to search until they had found the sheep alive or dead. However, local press stopped reporting at this point.

So we presume there is still, no sheep, as had it been found the press would have written about it.