Fethiye will host the annual ‘Turkic World Assembly and it opens on Thursday 21st March 2013 and there will be a free concert in the evening for those with an interest in Turkish music.

The Turks as we know them, who actually live in Turkey, are part of a much larger ‘Turkic world’ which stretches west through some of the Balkan countries, and east across central Asia as far as western China.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union the Turkic world has become increasingly aware of its shared ethnicity and culture and, since 2010, Fethiye has hosted an annual ‘Turkic World Assembly’ at which representatives from many of the countries with a Turkic population take part.

The Assembly is timed to coincide with Nevruz, or the spring equinox as we would call it, which is a festival long celebrated across Turkic and middle eastern cultures.

This year’s assembly opens with a short Nevruz celebration on Thursday 21st March at the Cultural Centre, at 09.30.

This is followed at 10.30 by the opening of an exhibition in the Centre’s gallery, and at 11.30 the actual Assembly will commence.

Thereafter there will be three days of non-stop discussion and debate, all in Turkish.

Free Concert

However, on Thursday evening at 20.00 there is a concert by the Izmir Turkic World Music Group, which is free entry, and will be enjoyed by any readers with an interest in Turkish music.