Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes kids get coaching for school exams, fears for Badem the Monk seal and more.

Get Ready for the Exams Kids

The education authority’s Schools’ Psychology Service delivered a seminar this week on how to prepare for exams, and how to behave during the actual exam.

The audience were a couple of hundred pupils about to complete Middle School, and take the exams that will determine which sixth form college (lise) they can attend.

Fears for Badem the Monk Seal

Badem, the monk seal who is partly tame, and was regularly seen in the waters around this area, has now been missing for almost a year.

Cem Orkan Kıraç, who leads the Monk Seal Research Group at Marmaris’ Underwater Rehabilitation Centre, told press this week that there are now serious worries about Badem’s welfare.

She had become a familiar sight at certain points along the coast, and would swim close to boats hoping to be fed.

The monk seal population is seriously endangered, with sightings dropping sharply over the past two years.

Numbers of sightings over the past five years are as follows: 2008 – 31; 2009 – 51; 2010 – 118; 2011 – 82; 2012 – 45.

Kıraç pointed out that these figures were collected by an environmental protection project based in Foça near Izmir, and that area is also one where illegal fishing and hunting of seals takes place.

He hopes that the monk seals are moving from that area but, until funding is in place to track their movements, he can only hope.

Off the Beaten Track

Two British women on holiday visited Kayaköy this week and then decided to walk over the hill to Ölüdeniz.

They were on the far side descending towards Ölüdeniz when they lost the path and got totally confused in the forest.

Eventually they phoned their hotel, who phoned the Jandarma and they were soon rescued.

Yet again proof of the importance of taking a mobile phone with you when going off the beaten track.


International Tourist Fairs Promote Fethiye

The season for international tourism fairs is drawing to a close, and this week some of the people who have represented Fethiye at tourism fairs in large European cities, gave a press conference to report on their experiences.

In brief, they are hoping for more German tourists this year after a successful presence at the Berlin Fair, and they are convinced more Italians would visit if there were direct flights from Italy to Dalaman.