The Governor of Fethiye recently invited the Chairmen of two local children’s charities to visit a new Muğla initiative which is a foster home scheme aptly called Aşk Evi which translates as “Love Houses”.

These houses which are a new concept in Turkey, with only a few set up so far throughout the country, are just that, in that they are there to provide a loving, caring and permanent home environment for small groups of orphans or children whose parents are unable to take care of them.

Five “Love Houses” have recently been set up in the Fethiye / Ciftlik area. These are nice villas and apartments which have been furnished to provide comfortable homely accommodation for the youngsters. Each home is staffed by three “house mothers” who work on a 24 hour shift system so there is always a “mother” at home for the children and the atmosphere in the homes is very loving.

Although the government have provided the children with comfortable, well equipped accommodation, the youngsters still need personal extras like pin boards for their rooms, games, and garden playground equipment and the Governor is hoping that the local charities will support this initiative.

After visiting four of the five homes, Peter Clark, Chairman of Çalış Children’s Charity (3C’s) said he was very impressed with what he saw.

“The homes had a lovely feel to them and you could tell that the children we met were very happy to be there. There were lots of hugs and cuddles”

Following his visit, in the last fortnight the 3C’s have provided a garden slide and a swing for the youngest children as well as a basketball hoop for the older children. The charity are also looking to provide each child with individual items that they will view as their own, board games, photo or pin boards for their rooms and sports gear. This list will be defined by the children’s new “house mothers”.

“We feel this it is a very worthwhile cause and are very happy to help and support the Governor’s innovative project” said Peter.