Hundreds of happy smiling children greeted members of the Çalış Children’s Charity recently when they made return visits to three of the four schools which they are supporting in the Kemer area.

In December members of the Çalış based Children Charity, the 3C’s, visited Izzetin village School and Eşen school, located 50 kilometres from Fethiye along the Kalkan road and Uğurlu village school on the outskirts of Kemer. They also visited the large combined school of Çaltıözü-Çobanlar villages

All four schools had made applications for assistance to the charity.

Heat and Cooling

The furthest school, Izzetin, had asked the charity if it was possible to provide air conditioning units to heat two of the classrooms. Their wish list also included a portable whiteboard to share between the nursery and first year classes and some reading books for the younger children.

Educational Toys

Eşen school, a much larger school with 650 students, has a large outside play area, but no playground equipment and the school had asked the 3C’s if they were able to help with this. Their “wish list” also included puppets for the nursery classes and a computer. They also needed special educational toys for their class of disabled youngsters.

Swings and Slides

The third school, Uğurlu, just outside Kemer, is central to the village community being the venue for local weddings. Again top of this school’s wish list was playground equipment. They also asked for chess sets for their new chess club as well as wall maps for the classrooms. The school had ear-marked an area of rough ground for the playground equipment and the villagers were prepared to level this area and remove all of the rocks to make it a safe area for the children, if the charity were able to provide swings and slides.


The fourth school Çaltıözü-Çobanlar, was desperate for a new photocopier as their old school copier had broken down and would cost as much to repair as buying a new one.

Play Equipment

Over the following weeks two full sets of playground equipment comprising a slide and activity centre, two sets of double swings and two see-saws were ordered by the charity and installed at both Eşen and Uğurtu schools. Two air conditioning units were purchased and fitted at Izzetin and a heavy duty photocopier was delivered to Çaltıözü-Çobanlar. All that remained was for the remaining items to be delivered to the schools.


Recently, accompanied by Kadriye Cayci and Unal Bey from FETAV foundation, the organisation that the 3C’s legally work under, a convoy of three cars set off in the pouring rain on the 100k round trip to deliver the remaining items to the three schools.

In addition they took with them three donated computers for Eşen school which they had paid to have re-conditioned and had Turkish programmes and new keyboards installed

All three schools were very grateful for the 3C’s help and welcomed the group with tea and cakes and some of the happy youngsters gave well-rehearsed speeches of thanks in English.

Over £80,000 Raised and Put to Great Things

The above projects, which totalled well over 17,000 TL are only some of the many projects being funded by the 3C’s from the record 75,000 TL raised from their fundraising last year. They have many other projects which are currently reaching completion and these will be reported on over the next few weeks.

Since the charity started in 2007, it has raised 221,000 TL – approx £80,000 – to help local children.

And There’s More Planned

Projects funded to date include: re-roofing of a village school, many sets of playground equipment, desks, furniture, projectors, computers, books, instruments, sports equipment, and educational toys for local schools, tilt tables for a local rehabilitation centre, toys. table tennis and football tables for local orphanages, garden play equipment for foster homes and school uniforms, hearing aids, wheelchairs and medical equipment for individuals.

The charity also funds 10 annual bursaries to enable students to attend university, an annual bursary to fund a welfare assistant to care for children at a disabled school and sponsors Günlükbaşı Football Club youth team by providing their football strip.