Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes 23 year sentence for paraglider that murdered married man, kids play and more.

23 Year Sentence for Paraglider that Murdered Married Man

On 8 June last year at 04.00 a 33-year-old paragliding pilot, Mehmet Yener Yılmaz, was driving towards Fethiye from Ölüdeniz when he hit a garden wall – it was later shown that he had a high level of alcohol in his blood.

The owners of the wall emerged from their house, an argument started, and Mehmet got a knife from his car and, as the argument escalated, he stabbed Ömer Topçu (38) and his brother Mustafa (35).

Emergency services arrived, Mehmet was arrested and the Topçu brothers taken off to the State Hospital where Mustafa, a married man with two children, was pronounced dead.

Last week Mehmet was sentenced to a total of 23 years in prison for the murder, and the wounding of the other brother.

Kids Play

The Governor of Fethiye paid a visit to the Anadolu Lise this week and students, knowing he was coming to their classroom, wrote ‘Salak Ebru’ on the blackboard and hid the board duster.

‘Ebru’ is a girl’s name and the phrase translates as ‘Ebru is an idiot’. So the Governor entered the classroom with an entourage of teachers and local press, and began talking to the pupils.

He hadn’t noticed what was written on the board. However, the teachers did notice and began a frantic search for the board duster.

Eventually one of the teachers tried to clean the board with her hand, but wasn’t too successful.

By now the students are losing control, and are all giggling at what is going on behind the Governor’s back.

He looks around, the room explodes into gales of laughter, and Ebru herself marches to the board and cleans it with a paper handkerchief.


Sharp Eye Catches Thieves

In Dalyan this week a farmer caught two men stealing lengths of metal from his field.

He challenged them but was beaten for his pains, and had his mobile phone taken.

He still managed to get the number of the car in which they fled, and staggered home to phone the jandarma.

The latter caught the two thieves still in the car, and they were taken in custody to Fethiye prison.