Reminder that a survey is being carried out by the Turkish Government’s Science, Technology and Research Council hopes to identify the effect of us foreigners owning property in Turkey and the deadline for completion and receipt is 20th March.

Long term readers may recall the survey we helped with in 2006 which focused on the integration of foreign residents with the Turkish community.

The new survey is also funded by TUBITAK (the Turkish Government’s Science, Technology and Research Council), has the support of the National Land Registry, and aims to highlight the effects of foreigners buying land/property within the country.

Three research assistants from Ankara University, who are part of the team conducting the survey, were in Fethiye this week and left behind a supply of questionnaires at FETAV for any foreign property-owning resident who would like to take part.

Survey of foreign owned property in Turkey

If you’d like to take part you can pick up a blank questionnaire from the FETAV office (entrance next to the Lycian sarcophagus near the post office).  Either fill it in there and then, or take it home and drop it back to FETAV when you have completed it.

If there are any questions you don’t want to answer, for example you may prefer not to reveal personal information or details of your finances, just miss them out.

Final date for completed questionnaires to reach FETAV is Wednesday, 20 March.