Over 150 people turned up at the community meeting organised by the Fethiye British Consulate branch held in Fethiye yesterday. But it was a tight squeeze in a venue that only could seat 50 forcing many expat Brits who attended to stand wherever they could, even outside.

Fethiye Times went to the Community Meeting organised by the British Consulate Fethiye branch yesterday, arriving at 09.50, which we thought was plenty of time for a meeting scheduled to start at 10.00.

Wrong! The room booked for the meeting only held 50, and was already bursting with people waiting outside trying, in vain, to get in.

The picture above is what the view from outside looked like.

The people in the red jumpsuits are part of the AKUT emergency and rescue team who were also due to give a presentation about earthquakes at the meeting.

When Ahmet from the Consulate arrived, at 09.55, he was clearly surprised at the numbers.

However, as we tried to point out to him, last year’s meeting held in Ovacık attracted around 80 people. We know lots of residents living in Fethiye and Çalış, who don’t have their own transport, and did not attend the Ovacık meeting, but would definitely come to a meeting in downtown Fethiye. Hence we would have estimated double last year’s attendance, and booked a room for 150 – 200 people. The room that was booked held 50.

Akut came up with an answer to the problem in that they could do their presentation for people in reception while Ahmet held his meeting inside; then they would swap over. We decided to go and drink coffee and miss the earthquake presentation, as there was nowhere left to sit down. We’ll come back for the consulate part of it we thought.

And we did, only to find even more people had arrived in our absence and, thanks to the large pillars which are a design feature of the reception area we could neither see nor hear Ahmet’s presentation.

As well as the crowd you can see in the photograph there were more people outside on the terrace, and many of them had already been standing for well over an hour.

So what was talked about?

Well from things people mentioned to us the Turkish healthcare scheme, driving licences and wills were discussed. Maybe readers who did manage to listen to a session could enlighten us?

We did manage to complete a feedback sheet on which we requested they book the Fethiye Cultural Centre for the next meeting, where not only will there be ample room however many British residents turn up, there will also be microphones guaranteeing the presentation(s) can be heard by all.