Our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes relocation of the Fethiye boat yard still uncertain, 28 year old man dies after wave drags him into the sea and more.

Relocation of the Fethiye Boat Yard Still Uncertain

It’s been some considerable time since the relocating of the Karagözler boatyard appeared in the news, but this week it turned up again.

For new readers, here’s the back story. For years efforts have been underway to try to move the boatyard away from its current location.

The land it currently occupies in Karagözler on the edge of the bay could be extremely valuable for hotel/residential development, but that is never stated.

Instead the lack of space and facilities in the boatyard, particularly space for storing boats on land in the winter, are given as the prime reasons for the move.

The first choice for the move was Karaot beach in Yanıklar, but the villagers of Yanıklar are anti the development and protested vigorously against the proposal and won.

A couple of years ago Çiftlik council offered 150,000 sq.m. of land for the new boat facility.

The plot is 400m from the sea but they would build a wide deep canal and everyone seemed happy.

However, no tender for building has yet been issued, and this week the boat builders told press we want to go to Karaot not Çiftlik.

Valentine Serenade

And Valentine’s Day wasn’t just marked by the ‘1 billion rising’ event.

A couple of enterprising florists shared the cost of a violinist to play outside their shops, while red carnations were handed out to passers-by.

They told the press that flower prices were as normal, in fact they hadn’t gone up since last year.

A single rose was 7.5TL and a bouquet of local flowers could be had for 15TL.

Freak Wave Drowns 28 Year Old Man

Two brothers, Selim and Erkan, aged 25 and 28 respectively, were fishing from Karadere beach this week when the sea was heavy.

A freak wave washed them both off the shore and, while Selim was quickly rescued by onlookers, Erkan drowned.


Tourism Attractions Discussed

A meeting of the great and good in Muğla this week, chaired by the Governor considered, yet again, ways to attract tourists all year round.

Walking and cycle trails are top of the list with the meeting being informed that the 800km Carian Trail (from Marmaris to Aydın) was officially opened at the beginning of this month.