The annual deluge of statistics continues with the population figures for Muğla being the latest set of numbers to be published.


Fethiye is located in the larger government administrative area known as Muğla.


The population numbers for 2012 show an increase in Muğla’s population of 15.2% on the previous year.

The total population is now 851,145.

The slowest growing place in 2012 was Yatağan (a rather grim coal mining town north of Muğla itself); with Bodrum claiming the prize for the fastest growth rate.

Split the Differences

The population of Muğla is 51% male and 49% female, with 43.9% living in towns and cities, with the remaining 56.1% living in villages.

The density is 66 people per square kilometre which is one more than in 2011.

They even published a breakdown by age which shows that 41% of the total population are under 30, and there are 405 men and 943 women over the age of 90 still going strong in Muğla.

Watching Over You

As everyone resident here (Turks and foreigners) now has to register their address (if you have a residence permit this happens automatically), and the whole system is computerised, it is possible to track the population pretty accurately, and figures are published annually.