Our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area this week includes Mayor of Fethiye opens new bridges, Apiarists to gather in Fethiye and more in our round up of the local news.

Migrants Headed for Greece Arrested Off Fethiye

The Coast Guard stopped a 10m speed boat in the open sea off Ölüdeniz at 04.00 one day this week.

The boat had 26 illegal migrants on board all hoping to reach Greece.

They were taken ashore and questioned at a police station, where they told police they had all entered Turkey overland, and the price of the boat passage was 2,500 euros per person.

A portion of this money had been paid before they got on to the boat, with the rest due on safe landing in Greece.

The 26 were mainly Syrian with a few Palestinian and Burmese, and included 6 women and 9 children.

Two Turkish men also on the boat were arrested and held in custody.

Apiarists To Gather in Fethiye

The Muğla Beekeeping & Honey Federation announced it will hold its fourth international conference in Fethiye in November 2013.

The first three such annual events were held in Marmaris and last year’s attracted representatives from 19 countries.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce, who will actually organise the conference, told press it would be held in Ölüdeniz and they expected 30 countries to send people to the gathering.

Fethiye and area has a large beekeeping farming community producing the valuable commodities of honey, beeswax, pollen, and royal jelly.

Mayor Opens New Bridges

The Mayor of Fethiye had a busy day this week when he opened three new bridges in the same day.

They are in Günlükbaşı, in the Bird Sanctuary area in Çalış, and the locally well known ‘slanting bridge’ in Foça district has also been replaced with a brand new structure.

Wonder what he’s got planned for next week?


Education Head’s Evaluate Performance

The schools may be on holiday at the moment, but all Fethiye’s head teachers spent a whole day this week meeting with local education authority officials, and the Governor of Fethiye, to evaluate the first half of the current academic year.

After the meeting press were told that there was universal agreement to education being made available for all ages, with adults being able to attend courses in schools outside normal school hours.

They also revealed that a total of 35,073 students are currently enrolled in full-time education in schools/colleges in Fethiye.

Getting the Hump Fethiye Style

And finally, if you were in Fethiye on Friday afternoon, you may have seen ten of the camels due to wrestle in Karaçulha on Sunday, parading through town led by the organisers of the tournament and, of course, marching to the music of davul and zurna (drum and pipe).

The Mayor of Karaçulha told press there may be as many as 80 camels taking part on Sunday, and everything was now in place for the competition.