Our final round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area for 2012 includes sixty sing in festive celebration on Hisaronu, most wanted man caught in Fethiye and more in our round up of the local news.

Sixty Sing in Festive Celebration

The Christmas Eve carol singing was better attended than ever this year, with not only the Mayor and his wife turning up to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but the local press also in attendance.

The venue changed at the last minute from the market square to the space in front of the Belediye offices which has better lighting.

Around sixty people sang, quaffed mull wine and ate seasonal nibbles.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and we hope to see you all again next year.

‘Crazy Campervan Man’ Arrested in Fethiye

This week Fethiye police caught a man being sought by the entire country.

He calls himself the ‘Crazy Campervan Man’ and for some time has been living in a stolen minibus, changing the registration plates to avoid arrest (stealing new ones), and committing burglaries to make ends meet.

He is now in custody and has been charged with 72 counts of burglary.

Police told local press that they found a stolen lap top in the van on which he was writing a book about himself called, of course, ‘Crazy Campervan Man’.

Shocking Driving Results in Power Cut

One evening this week two 16-year-olds went out for a drive (totally illegal as neither had a licence); one of them lost control of the wheel and the car hit a pole carrying the main electricity supply to Patlangıç.

The boys were taken off to the State Hospital for treatment of minor cuts and bruises, Patlangıç had no power for an hour, Aydem workers had to turn out on a dank, cold evening, and we doubt the owner of the car was very pleased either – local press did not say who owned the vehicle.


Fungi Warning

Early in the week a farmer in a village near Kemer called local press to come and see the morel mushrooms growing naturally in his vegetable patch.

These mushrooms are the basis of the annual Üzümlü Mushroom Festival held in April, so it is very surprising that they are here so early.

Then towards the end of the week the Head of Health Services for Fethiye held a press conference to announce growing numbers of people turning up at A & E suffering from mushroom poisoning.

She reminded us that there are thousands of varieties of mushroom in the world, a fair proportion of which grow in this area, and only a comparatively small number of them are safe to eat.

So if you don’t know what you are picking, don’t pick it and certainly don’t eat it.

And the only connection between these two items is the word ‘mushroom’ as morels are safe to eat and easily identified.


Happy New year to all our readers. We’ll be back in 2013.