This weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area includes metal theft leaves Fethiye dry for a day, bar fight leaves one dead and one critically injured, more migrants land near Fethiye and more in our round up of the local news.

Metal Theft Leaves Fethiye Dry for a Day

There were complaints this week that the main water supply in Fethiye had been polluted, with dirty water coming out of taps. FESKI sprang into action: turned off water to some 70,000 customers, cleaned out all their holding tanks and inspected all the pipelines. Eureka!

At some point between Fethiye and Ören (the source of the water), thieves had sawn off the metal pipe protruding above ground and acting as ventilation for the underground water supply channel.

They had sawn it off at ground level so recent heavy rains had washed mud and rubbish into the pipe – you can work out the rest.

So for the sake of a few feet of scrap metal the whole town was without water for a day.

Goodbye Kemer, Hello Seydikemer!

We wrote some time ago that Kemer was to be separated from Fethiye and become a full town in its own right, with responsibility for five smaller towns and no less than 52 villages.

Well the government’s Official Gazette published this decision on 6 December, thus making it official, and this week the new town ‘Seydikemer’ celebrated its elevated status with multiple drummers and zurna players performing in the town square.

We say Congratulations to Seydikemer (though we are sure everyone here will continue to call it plain ‘Kemer’).

Bar Fight Results in One Dead and One Critically Injured

A fight broke out in a bar on Mustafa Kemal Boulevard late one night this week, when an argument between the owner and two customers, all Turks, escalated into violence.

The owner produced a knife and stabbed one customer in the heart, killing him instantly.

He stabbed the other man five times in the stomach before police arrived at the scene.

The owner is now in custody awaiting trial, whilst the second stab victim is in critical condition in hospital.


Driving Ambition

A young man from Fethiye who had just passed his driving test went out with his friend, in the friend’s car.

They were driving around the peninsula beyond Letoonia holiday village, when the newly qualified driver persuaded his friend to let him take the wheel.

Two bends later he lost control and the car ended up on its side in a ditch. Local press did not report whether or not the two friends remain friends after this incident, but despite them both suffering minor injuries, it was reported that they were taken to hospital in separate ambulances.

Boat Migrants Landed Near Fethiye

Yet again illegal migrants were picked up locally, when Jandarma received reports of a large group of people coming ashore in Günlüklü Bay.

The group comprised 60 in total: 41 men, 6 women and 13 children; and they told Jandarma they had been put ashore because the boat they had been on was in danger of sinking.

The migrants originated from Palestine, Syria, Burma and Afghanistan and are now being questioned in Fethiye.

No evidence of the boat was found, despite concentrated efforts by the local Coast Guard.