Dalaman resident Jacky Lawson is fed up with the lack of joined up flights between Dalaman and the UK via Istanbul in the Winter and is asking our readers to support her petition.

As many readers will know Dalaman Airport does not receive regular flights between Dalaman and the UK throughout most of the winter months. It’s not the fault of the airport, it’s just that operators don’t want to fly outside the Christmas period.

That leaves travellers needing to take an internal flight to Istanbul to connect to an onward international flight to the UK.

Jacky wrote to Fethiye Times to say:

“I have started an on-line petition to see if people power can persuade Turkish Airlines to change the winter flight timetable between Dalaman Airport via Istanbul to the UK so that this trip can be completed the same day.”

“At present, with the exception of flying to Heathrow, all passengers flying from Dalaman to the UK have to stop overnight in Istanbul and add yet another expense to their journey.”

Jacky continued:

“I would like the flights to and from Dalaman to be returned to the times that operated up to and including 2010-2011 that connect the domestic with the international flights to the UK.”

If you would like to add your support the on-line petition please visit the link below:

Support the Petition to Persuade Turkish Airlines to Change Winter Flights Timetable Between Dalaman Airport and Istanbul.

Jacky finished by saying:

“I’m hoping to get about 5,000 signatures so if readers can spread the word it could be to all our benefit!”