Boutique Fethiye continues to develop and the private sector investing in the town refurbishing the once dated hotels are constructing new buildings too as the latest project in Fethiye demonstrates.

“Boutique Fethiye” is a phrase coined by the Mayor of Fethiye to describe the vision and package of public works projects designed to transform the town and help it to continue to attract visitors in the competitive tourism market.

Tourism is by far the biggest contributor to the local economy and is expected to stay that way.

A number of key projects have now been completed including the pedestrianisation of some of the town centre streets, further development of the promenade and construction of a new town square and park.

The private sector is also investing in the town and the once dated hotels are being refurbished to European standards and attracting more discerning tourists.

The sector is also taking the gamble that demand will grow and new hotels are being built.

In the Karagozler area of Fethiye a new hotel is being constructed by, we are informed, the owners of the Yacht Classic Hotel. That hotel was refurbished in 2010 and was made famous earlier this year because Daniel Craig stayed there when he was filming scenes for the latest James Bond film ‘Sky Fall’.

Building for the Future

Boutique Fethiye continues to develop its brand

Chipping away the rock and clearing the site. There will be a nice view of the marina from there.

Boutique Fethiye continues to develop its brand - More development

It’s nice to see local business are getting in on the project. Our local garden design and plant centre Melissa Garden Supplies are the landscaping and garden designers for the project according to the project sign.


Boutique Fethiye continues to develop its brand - More development

And near to the Yacht Classic Hotel some more development work is going on.

Thanks to SA for the pictures.