Earlier this year it was reported that Çalış Children’s Charity (the 3C’s) had launched a project to help Bozalan village school, a very poor village school high up on the snow line in the mountains above Saklikent near Fethiye.


The school which had a badly leaking roof was in such a state of disrepair that only two of the classrooms could be used and these were wet and unhealthy.


Over the winter the 3C’s paid half the cost of the roof repairs to the school and also had a full central heating system installed which had been generously donated by an anonymous sponsor of the charity for them to allocate to a suitable school.

Later in the year, once the school had dried out, Keith Campbell, owner of Çalış Beach forum (www.calis-beach.co.uk) then joined with the 3c’s to help to raise cash and the school became the forum’s first charity project.

The project was a resounding success with the many generous CBF members raising 13,000 TL to purchase much needed equipment as well as providing stationery and other items and donating clothing etc.

Many of those items were delivered to the school in May. During the summer holidays the 3C’s paid for the school to be painted inside and out, ready for the new carpet, desks and cupboards to be delivered for the start of term.. New new playground equipment was also erected during the summer.

All that was left was for the 3C’s to make a final visit to take the children their new slippers, as well as several bags of donated sweat shirts, jackets and shoes – and to take pictures of the school.

Last week sixteen 3C’s committee members and charity shop volunteers made the 100 km round trip to the school in a fleet of 3 Mercedes people carriers generously provided free of charge by Fethiye Airport Transfers.

The Director of FETAV Dilek Dinçer, Kadriye Cayci and Unal Bay also from FETAV as well as other dignitaries and the press also accompanied them on the visit.

The group were really pleased to see how the school had improved and that they were now using three classrooms for teaching.

After a tour of the school and watching the children enjoy their new playground equipment the committee members, volunteers and children were all invited to lunch at the Managers house in the nearby village. This was cooked over an open fire in the garden by the village ladies and the local Muhtar and the villagers all attended.

Summing up her visit 3C’s committee and forum member Anne Jenns said:

“I have never seen such a change in any children in any of the schools the 3C’s have visited. At the first visits they were quiet and slightly subdued. They are most definitely not like this now. My feelings are that the changes to the buildings and the play things that the CBF members bought them have really improved their outlook on going to the school now and they are definitely happier. livelier and more confident children.”

3C’s Chairman Peter Clark thanked Mr. Campbell and the CBF members and 3C’s supporters and said “By supporting this project you have really helped to make a great difference to the lives of these children”. He also thanked Fethiye Airport Transfers for providing the group with free transport for the day.