This weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area includes crime, dope and custody in our round up of the local news.


Fethiye’s Organized Crime Squad had a bumper week and monopolized the local press. Firstly they arrested two men responsible for a major credit card scam.

The men had fitted a device to ATM’s which captured people’s credit card numbers and PIN codes.

They had done this in 35 different towns, acquiring credit card information for 651 people, which they then used to get their hands on 817 thousand TL.

They were finally caught when a hidden security camera at an ATM filmed one of them fitting the device – hoist by their own petard no less.


Not satisfied with the coup outlined above the Organized Crime Squad went on to arrest a tomato grower in Karagedik, whose 2,000 sq.m. greenhouse was planted with marijuana – 10,000 plants no less.

All the plants were pulled up and later burnt.



And another odd police story. A man was sentenced to six months in prison for unlawful wounding (the incident happened in Fethiye), and had served three months of his sentence at Dalaman Open Prison Farm, when he absconded on 25th July this year. Initially his photograph was circulated nationally, but he wasn’t picked up.

Then a few weeks ago there was another unlawful wounding case in Artvin (far north east of Turkey), and around comes his photograph again, wanted for questioning.

He was seen in a car driving through Fethiye and arrested shortly after.

He’s now in custody awaiting trial.