This weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area includes Czech Team win Lycia Challenge, literate future for Fethiye, British holiday makers get back stolen items and more in our round up of the local news.

Czech Mate

And the winners of the Lycia Challenge were the team from the Czech Republic, Team Czar.

They won 5,000TL and automatic entry into the next World Orienteering Championships to be held in Poland.

In second place was the Polish team whose prize was 3,000TL and a French team came third and got 2,000TL.

Literate Future for Fethiye

The Chamber of Commerce has published a report on the nature of the population of Fethiye, using local and national statistical sources.

One interesting fact they have revealed, is that there are a total of 5,059 people unable to read or write amongst the 190,000 population considered.

57% of those unable to read or write are women aged over 65.

To be precise the 5,059 breaks down to a mere 808 men, compared with 4,251 women. Of these only 200 people are aged 14 – 35, so Fethiye seems to be looking at a literate future.

Festival of the Sacrifice

The Governor of Fethiye held a meeting this week with various local authorities to fix the ‘cutting price’ for animals at the forthcoming Kurban Bayram, along with locations where the killing can take place.

It is now illegal to sacrifice an animal in your garden, or in fact anywhere except at official slaughtering centres, where the killing is done by professionals.

This year’s fees will be 25TL for a sheep or goat, and 100TL for a cow, to be paid in cash after the deed is done.

The official slaughtering of sheep and goats in Fethiye will take place in the Tuesday Market Place.

Old Wreck a Divers Delight

The Association of Fethiye Diving School Operators held a press conference this week, to announce the success surrounding the sinking of the old coast guard boat to provide a new dive site.

In the five months since the boat was sunk over 3000 divers have visited the site, which has astounded everyone by the speed with which fish have colonised the wreck.

A spokesperson told press ‘we have even had a woman who came all the way from Canada having read about the wreck on the internet’.


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Town Square and Park Open – Official

The new town square and its adjacent park were officially opened on Thursday with lots of music: the council band and its janissary band played alongside female wedding singers (delbekçi in Turkish); and lots of statistics: 650 trees, 140 ‘topiaries’ and 1000 roses and other decorative shrubs planted; 7 pools with fountains created; seats for a total of 1,910 people. Enjoy, say we.

A Nice End to the Week

And finally three visitors from UK staying at an apartment in Akarca were amazed this week when, following a burglary, they got their stolen goods back in under 24 hours.

They were out when the theft took place and electronic gear, upmarket trainers and an English novel were taken.

They duly reported the incident to the local police who sprang into action and, less than one day later, appeared at the apartment to return all the stolen goods.