This weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area includes old theatre demolished, forest fire fighting better, Councils to merge and more in our round up of the local news.

Forest Fire Quickly Extingusihed

It may be mid-October, and we may have had torrential rain during this week, but a forest fire still broke out near Ortaca.

Fortunately the Forestry Commission are now much better at fighting fires, and this one was put out almost as soon as it was spotted, having damaged a mere 2000 sq.m. of forest.

No Fires in Fethiye this Year

Having written the above, we were thinking maybe there have been fewer fires overall this year, when the Regional Director of the Forestry Commission gave a press conference which told all.

He said that over the past ten years there have been an average of 280 fires each summer which in total have annually destroyed 1,070 hectares of forest.

This year there have so far been 315 fires but they have only destroyed 215 hectares.

So an increase in the number of fires, but a massive reduction in the destruction they cause.

And, as the Director pointed out, this in a season of the highest risk with high winds during July and August, and temperatures constantly hitting 35 – 40 degrees.

He confirmed our belief that the decrease in damage is because the fire fighters have got better, and also told press that there hasn’t been a single fire in Fethiye this year – the only area of Muğla that can make that boast.

Well done picnickers of Fethiye, you put out your barbecues properly this year.

Ölüdeniz and Göcek to Merge into Fethiye Municipality Area

Next year there will be boundary changes that will see Kemer, and the villages down the Eşen valley as far as Kumluova, be separated from Fethiye and become the new district of Seydikemer and a belediye in their own right.

Meanwhile Fethiye will take over Ölüdeniz and Göcek, which will no longer have their own Councils but be directly governed from Fethiye.

The mayor held a press conference this week at which he pointed out that Fethiye is currently a town of ‘2 T’s – Turizm and Tarım’. The latter means ‘agriculture’, and by taking away Kemer and the main growing regions, it would seem Fethiye is to become a town solely dependent on tourism.


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Theatre Demolished

The modern, concrete, small theatre adjacent to the Kordon was demolished this week, no doubt because the genuine antique theatre up the road is being refurbished.

The concrete version was built ten years ago, and has hardly been used at all.

The Belediye were not telling local press what would be created in the space previously occupied by the theatre.

Lost and Found

Two members of a French team taking part in the Lycia Challenge got lost on 2,400m Karadağ mountain.

It took rescue teams 22 hours to find them but they were found safe and well – and taken to their hotel to recover.