Make a date with the new 2013 Çalış Children’s Charity calendar.


The colourful slim-line calendar, which has room for writing in all of those important, must not forget dates, features photographs of the Çalış area taken by local amateur photographers and holidaymakers.

Picture Perfect

Earlier this summer, the Çalış based children’s charity invited members of the Çalış Beach Forum website to submit their favourite photos of the area.

Those that were selected are due to receive a small prize as well as having the kudos of seeing their photograph published on the popular calendar.


Selling at only 5TL, the calendar has kindly been sponsored again this year by of Fethiye as well as the Esnaf hospital.

Alternative Christmas Card?

The calendar makes a perfect souvenir of the area and is a useful alternative to a Christmas card.

All proceeds from its sale will go towards funding projects to help local children in the Fethiye/ Çalış district.


Calendars are now on sale at the 3C’s Charity Shop located at the Eyna Restaurant, Çalış, as well as at the Eyna, Nil Bar, Keyif Café, and Guven’s Bar in Çalış. Fethiye outlets are Vals Bar, Kosem, Duck Pond restaurant, Mosaic Bahce, Card Shop and FETAV office.