The first Fethiye classical music festival will take place next week on three consecutive nights, 4 – 6 October.

Each Evening

Each evening there will be a sunset concert on both Çalış and Ölüdeniz beaches, performed by the Council band. Presumably half of the band at each location.

These concerts will start at 18.00.

But the big events will be the main evening concerts as follows:

Thursday, 4 October

Izmir Philharmonic Orchestra starting at 20.30 on the edge of Fethiye Bay behind the Highway Works Department.

If you’re not sure where this is follow the road along the edge of the Bay, past the bars and restaurants, and eventually you’ll come to the location where they will have built a stage. copied from Fethiye Times

Friday, 5 October

Event to be held in the Fethiye Cultural Centre where there will be a violincello recital followed by a performance by a viola quartet. This also starts at 20.30.

Saturday, 6 October

For the final event it’s back to Thursday’s site for a performance by the Antalya Symphony Orchestra again starting at 20.30.

There is no entry fee to any of these performances so we hope to see lots of you joining us to appreciate a little classical music next week.