In our last article we reported on some of the improvements carried out in Marmaris to improve their town centre. In this article we compare those changes to the project underway in Fethiye at the moment.

The square in Marmaris is much smaller than the one here in Fethiye and basically has two large features: a waterfall and a huge round pool with fountains in it.

Both of them are now very popular as backdrops for holiday photos.

Below you can see the waterfall being used for souvenir snaps.

And here’s a view of the other side of the square with the huge fountain. This is actually multiple jets housed in a circular pool. The water jets rise and fall in different rhythms and, at night a light show also plays with the water.

It’s spectacular and we hope Fethiye’s will be as good.

In Fethiye there are lots and lots of small fountains, whereas Marmaris has gone for one huge statement – and we think it works. You can also see from the photo that the surface is grey not dazzling white as in Fethiye.

However, the two squares do have a clock tower in common though, again, we think Marmaris’ clock tower fits well with the overall design of the square which would not seem to be the case in Fethiye.

And as well as the waterfall, fountain pool and clock tower the Marmaris square has planted beds which are very colourful and, even though they are only four months old, already look mature.

Apparently the fountain light show after dark attracts hordes of people to the square and, as you can see from our images, it is constantly busy during the day with people taking photos.

Unlike Fethiye’s square the one in Marmaris is not cluttered with seating. Instead all the beds, the pool and the waterfall have wide ledges at the right height for sitting.

However, we shall reserve our final judgement on Fethiye’s Town Square until after it is declared open on 29th October and then we can see what use it gets.