Fethiye Council continues to carry out major investments to the infrastructure and public spaces of this expanding town. In this article we look at the second part of the town square development – the vast paved area. But one local bar owner forsees some problems.

In the previous article on this subject we mentioned how Bar Street is now far more visible than it was before the town square was created. Here you can see what we mean.

The Street looks straight out onto the new square.

So we went to ask the doyenne of Bar Street, Valerie, what she thinks about the new development.

While she admits it is good that the bars are now easy to see, and she may profit on evenings when there are concerts in the square, she is really worried about possible flooding in the winter.

Apparently when it rains water runs off land now paved for the square and into the bars. Val has seen no evidence of new drainage works, so is prepared for yet more flooding this winter.

She also mentioned the veritable skating rink that will be naturally created when the huge marble-paved space is wet with rain, and the dazzling aspect of the space on hot sunny days which we mentioned in our previous article.

Official Opening 29th October

We’ll have to wait for the winter rains to see if Val’s flooding fears become reality but, in the meantime, you may want to note 29th October in your diary as the official opening day for the new town square and park.