Fethiye Council continues to carry out major investments to the infrastructure and public spaces of this expanding town. In this article we look at the second part of the town square development – the vast paved area.

The Belediye’s ‘Prestige Project’ includes the creation of a town square and here it is.

OMG It’s Massive!

Yes it is huge!

A vast space paved with marble and featuring fountains to alleviate the summer heat – imagine what the sheer whiteness of it all will do to your eyes on a hot summer’s day.

This square will replace the Tuesday market as the venue for future concerts and political rallies.

Official Opening

And it will feature a new statue of Atatürk which will be unveiled when the whole area, park and square, are formally declared open at a ceremony to be held on 29th October.

As many readers know that date is a public holiday, as it is the anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923.

Bar Street Uncovered

Work on the square has brought bar street out into the open – it was previously hidden away behind the trees and shrubs in the park that used to occupy this area.

And the owner of one bar has concerns about what the new development may do to her premises.

We’ll tell you about that in our next article.