Fethiye Council continues to carry out major investments to the infrastructure and public spaces of this expanding town. In this article we look at the town square development.

There has been real progress on the creation of a new town square and adjacent park.

Readers who have driven/walked along the Kordon near the Hello Cafe will have noticed the forest of lamp standards and rather OTT ‘topiary’ creations that have appeared where the new park meets the main road

We say ‘topiary’ because these growing sculptures are not actually clipped into shape, but are comprised of climbing plants trained around wire frames.

Hence the coach and horses which is the first one you see if you enter the park opposite McDonalds. It’s only been in place for a few weeks but already needs clipping.

Further into the park you’ll find reindeer, dolphins, swans and some oversized ‘topiary’ daisies – takes a while to work out that’s what they are as you don’t expect daisies to be entirely green.

Look and you will see there are some swans too.

However, these living creations may be the most eye catching things there at the moment, but wait until all the fountains are working and the clock tower is in place. The latter has a foundation at the moment and, of course, its very own fountain (bottom left).

There is also a space reserved for a children’s play area, actually two spaces on opposite sides of the main route through the park. One side will be the standard children’s play area, with the other having play equipment for children with disabilities.

The park will also have a clock tower – first public clock in Fethiye.

Observant readers will recall this project being about the provision of a town square, and that is also nearing completion adjacent to the park shown here.

We’ll introduce to the new town square next time.