Fethiye Council continues to carry out major investments to the infrastructure and public spaces of this expanding town. This week, via a number of articles, we will update you on progress.

Earlier in the year we told you about a whole range of major projects being undertaken in Fethiye this year, most of them funded directly by the Belediye.

So we have been to look at three of them and can now update you on progress – or not.

Kordon / Promenade

This is the scene on the extension to the Kordon.


It would seem they are putting drains in but, as there wasn’t a sign of anyone at work, there was no-one to ask.

Maybe they are deliberately taking it slow until all the empty cafe/shop/bar premises which have already been built are rented – then they’ll complete this stretch and build some more.


There was also a notable lack of refurbishment activity at the ampitheatre, which looked exactly the same as it was in March when we were there for the Fethiye Music Festival.

However, there has been lots of progress in the new town square project and we’ll tell you all about that next time.