This weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area includes two year old in lucky escape, authorities issue guide for property buyers, hopes for new university and more in our round up of the local news.

Lucky Escape for Two Year Old

The Acar family, Turks who live in Belgium, came to Çalış for a holiday and were given a room on the second floor of a four-storey hotel.

While the parents were busy unpacking and getting organised, their two-year-old son toddled out on to the balcony and fell 10m to the pool terrace below.

He has broken bones and scrapes, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Apparently the glass barrier surrounding the balcony was broken in one place, hence the fall.

We say he is a lucky boy to survive.

How to Buy a Turkish Property Safely

The Governor of Muğla has worked with the provincial Director of Security, Jandarma Commandant and the Head of the Licensed Real Estate Agents’ Association, to produce a brochure in Turkish, German and English setting out exactly how to go about buying property in the province.

The brochure is available now at all licensed Real Estate Agents’ premises, and in Tourism Information Offices.

So if you are thinking of investing in land or property, get hold of a copy.

Three Forest Fires Fought Successfully

Firstly 10 hectares of forest near Ula was destroyed.

A day later fires broke out simultaneously near Göcek and Datça.

The former was quickly brought under control but the latter took much longer and needed the combined efforts of helicopters and float planes from Muğla, Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum before it was finally brought under control.

Fethiye Hopes for New University

Having noted the economic growth that has come about thanks to a thriving university in Muğla, Fethiye has now decided to create Fethiye University.

A huge tract of land, 1,700 dönüm in total (a dönüm is 1000 sq.m.) behind the wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Karaçulha, Fethiye has been set aside for the new university.

This week an new organisation, with the somewhat long-winded name of ‘The Association for the Creation, Implementation and Support of Higher Education in Fethiye’, was inaugurated.

Comprising members of local organisations plus the Rector of Muğla University and other academics, the Association now needs to approach the Turkish Higher Education Council to obtain permission for the new university.

The head of the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce, also on the board of the new association, told press “Fethiye’s economy is currently based on tourism and agriculture.

We want to add a large, thriving university to firmly anchor the town’s economic growth”.

New HQ for Village Leaders

Some readers will remember the funny, small wooden building in the street at the back of the PTT that was the ‘Muhtar’s HQ’.

It was demolished last September, and this week work on building a three-storey modern replacement finally got underway.

So the muhtars won’t be homeless for too much longer.