This weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area includes canine sniffer nets haul of hash, jeep safari full of brits swerves and crashes; passengers and driver taken to hospital and more in our round up of the local news.

Canine Sniffer Nets Haul of Hash

Regular readers will know the local Fethiye narcotic sniffer dog named ‘Strawberry’, who has featured here in the past.

Well Strawberry did her stuff again this week, when she sniffed out a sports bag containing 2kg of hashish in a hire car from Antalya – the driver was arrested and charged.

However, we had always imagined Strawberry to be a cute fluffy little dog; maybe a Spaniel – it’s in the name somehow – but this time her picture appeared in local press, and she is a German Shepherd.

Who on earth gave her the name Strawberry?

Jeep Safari Full of Brits Swerves and Crashes Passengers and Driver Taken to Hospital

It’s been a while since we had a jeep safari accident, but there was one this week.

A large jeep with twelve passengers was heading home to Fethiye at the end of the safari, when the driver lost control and the vehicle hit the central reservation, then swerved across the road and hit a concrete lamp post before turning on its side.

The post fell into a bakery but no-one was hurt.

The jeep’s driver and passengers were all taken to hospital in Fethiye, but only minor injuries were sustained.

Sounds like a lucky escape all round, although we are sure the twelve British holidaymakers in the jeep don’t see it that way.

Fire Near Yaniklar beach Extinguished

A small forest fire in the woods behind Yanıklar beach near Fethiye was put out on Wednesday, and tourists on the beach told press it was really exciting.

There was no way to reach the fire by road, so two fire fighting helicopters and a plane were used to put out the fire.

People on the beach said it was like being in an action movie watching the choppers and the plane fly out to sea, scoop up water, then fly overhead to dump their loads on the fire.

Fortunately the fire was extinguished quickly, with the main damage being to a hectare of reeds on adjacent swampland that were reduced to ashes.

We know they will regenerate in record time.

Beach Volley Ball Championships Held on Çalış Beach

And the week ended with the start of the National Beach Volleyball Championships on Çalış Beach, Fethiye.

Both men’s and women’s teams took part and, given the interest shown in this sport in the recent Olympics, we are sure there were plenty of spectators for this tournament – but you’ll have to wait till next week to find out which team won.