In this weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area includes Bond actor to return to Fethiye, paraglider numbers released, fasting 2km up and more.

Fethiye Suite Favoured by James Bond 007 Fans

Apparently James Bond (aka Daniel Craig), last seen at the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night, will be revisiting Fethiye next May when he holidays on a gulet.

The Manager of the Yacht Classic Hotel told local press this week, that the boat’s owner had already contacted them to reserve mooring for one night during the actor’s cruise.

Meanwhile the Penthouse Suite at the Hotel (where Craig stayed during filming) is booked up through till 2014, and the Hotel’s restaurant is constantly being asked to serve people ‘something James Bond ate’.

Paragliding Numbers Aim for New Heights

In the first three months of this season 20,000 paraglide launches have taken place from Babadağ.

At a press conference this week, it was announced that a target of 60,000 launches has been set for the season. (And if that number seems familiar – it is. It was last year’s target that was never reached. Seems someone finally got the hang of target setting. Stick to the same target and eventually you will hit it!)

Plans were also announced to create a new launch site on the mountain at a height of 1,100m which is planned to be usable twelve months of the year (below the snow line). Finally it was confirmed that the cable car up the mountain will be in operation for the 2013 tourist season.

Pick of the Places to See in Fethiye

Fethiye Museum called in the press this week to announce figures for tourists visiting the ancient sites it manages.

Top of the popularity list is Kayaköy, which some 24.5 thousand people have paid to enter this year.

Next was the ruins at Caunos, and the list continued.

We were amazed that more people have visited the tomb of Amyntas (the huge rock tomb overlooking Fethiye), than have actually been to the Museum.

In the current heat there seems something odd about people who would rather plod up all those steps to the tomb, than pop into a cool air-conditioned Museum next door to the Tuesday market.

Fasting 2km Up

And the man in the building on top of Babadağ overlooking Oludeniz, officially fire watching for the Forestry Commission, is also observing the Ramazan fast.

He told press this week that his job is to scan the area with high powered binoculars for any trace of forest fires.

However, he also uses the binoculars to be sure the daily fast is over before he sits down to his iftar meal.

When the lights on minarets go on, the fast has ended.

He also pointed out that at almost 2,000m above sea level, his climate is much more ‘fast friendly’ than that being endured by Ramazan observers down below.

Dough Dilemma

Finally another small group of people not suffering from the heat are the local ice makers.

Apparently the recent heat wave (coming from Libya so local press inform us) has increased demand for ice.

One sort of customer we would not have predicted is the local bakeries!

The heat is making their bread mixes rise faster than normal, so they chuck in ice to slow down the yeast.

And with that fascinating factoid we sign off for yet another week.