Fethiye Times reader Olive Hayfield has had her life turned upside down following the theft of her hand bag from her locked car.

Olive, a Dalaman resident and pensioner, made her regular visit to Dalaman market on Thursday last week to stock up her weekly essentials of fruit and vegetables.

She locked her hand bag in the boot of the car and went off shopping.

All it Took Was 15 Minutes

However, when she returned some 15 minutes later she found the boot had been opened and her hand bag was gone.

Olive said:

“I locked my handbag in the boot of my car and went to the market. I was only away 15 minutes but when I came back my handbag was gone. Inside my hand bag was my Passport, Ikamet and Car Papers, my credit cards, mobile phone digital camera digital key ring (full of pictures of my grandchildren who had been here from NZ )my driving licence, my house keys spare car keys purse my cats”

Olive quickly rushed back to her house to make sure the thief, who was in possession of her house keys, was not robbing her home too.

To her relief her home was fine.

Olive then spent hours at the local police station with a translator completing various forms to report the theft, the items missing and other documents.

She also wisely changed the locks on her property.

Neighbours Were a Brilliant Help

She said:

“My new Turkish neighbours were brilliant. Derya took me to the police station after the police had been here because I had raced straight home in case they were using my keys to get in. Her husband sat on my terrace as a deterrent and a lock smith to come over. They also insisted in lending me 100 Lira for food as I had to cancel my credit cards and I don’t have a Turkish bank.”


Olive is still in shock following the theft. As a pensioner the cost of replacing all the missing documents will be a significant dent to her limited income.