In this weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area includes silly season begins, beggars retreat, hoarders house cleared, nil impact of earthquake on property prices and more.

Banana Split

You just know the silly season is here when local press start reporting ‘Woman Slipped on Banana Skin’.

This week they printed the story of a 56-year-old Turkish woman who was walking along Barış Manço Bulvar around 11pm one evening, when she slipped on a ‘carelessly discarded’ banana skin and fell, breaking her foot.

So watch out for those banana skins folks, or you could find yourself becoming a headline in local press.

Beggars Retreat

Fethiye Zabita rounded up six minibus loads of beggars, who were camping in makeshift tents in Çatalarık, and drove them out of town.

Head of Zabita, Halime Ok, told reporters many of the beggars were families with children who beg as a way of life.

She said it was upsetting to see children involved but, in view of the tourist season and the imminent start of Ramazan, it had been decided to remove the beggars.

We want to know where they take them to?

Are they just dumped on the roadside somewhere up in the yayla?

Hoarders’ House Cleared

Seems the Zabita have had a busy week, as they were also called out to deal with the problem of a woman with learning disabilities, living alone in Patlangıç.

The problem arose from the fact that the woman had filled her house with rubbish which, over time, caused the whole neighbourhood to stink.

Her neighbours had a whip round and collected 500TL to cover the cost of cleaning, but then couldn’t find anyone to tackle the job.

In desperation they called the Zabita who, with the aid of a fire crew, emptied and cleaned the house ‘until it was sparkling’.

So now she has lots of clean, empty space in which to start hoarding again.

No Impact of Eathquake on Property Sales

Following interviews with local estate agents, it was reported that the recent earthquake has had no appreciable effect on property sales to foreigners.

That’s good to know.

Refugees Found In Fethiye

Ölüdeniz Jandarma boarded a boat anchored off Gemiler Island and found 30 people on board of Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Burmese and Afghan origin, all trying to get to Italy.

They were taken off the boat and, after health checks, underwent questioning at the Ölüdeniz Jandarma HQ.

Eventually they were transferred to the custody of Fethiye Police.

The 18 women, 6 men and 6 children taken from the boat, said they wanted to escape war in their own countries and start new lives in Italy.