Have you heard of DNSChanger, the malicious software that could knock hundreds of thousands of people offline tomorrow Monday, July 9? If not then read on.

You may receive emails from friends warning you about viruses only to find them a hoax. However, this is a real threat alert from a reliable source which is why Fethiye Times is warning you about it.

More than a quarter of a million people infected with the DNSChanger virus risk losing their ability to navigate the Internet tomorrow Monday 9th July.

But help is at hand thanks to OpenDNS the leading provider of Internet security and DNS services to industry and individuals. They are offering the following advice to check your system and stay safe in the future.

1. Confirm your DNSChanger status using this simple, secure service provided by the DNSChanger Working Group. It does not require you to install anything. If you are infected, follow the easy-to-understand instructions to disinfect. (http://www.dns-ok.us/)

2. Set up OpenDNS. If you are infected with DNSChanger, you’ll want to ensure you’re switching to the safest and most reliable way to navigate the Web once your device is clean. If you’re not infected with DNSChanger, switching to OpenDNS will ensure you receive world-class protection from wide-scale Internet malware, phishing and other threats.

Please spread the word and act as a technology superhero for your friends and family. We’re sure they’ll be very happy to avoid sitting with no access to their Internet service provider should they get knocked offline on Monday.