Aerial stunts land two Oludeniz pargliders in hospital; a performance coming to your area soon and young couple rescued after getting stuck up Butterfly Valley all in this weeks round up of the local news from Fethiye, Oludeniz, Hisaronu and area.

Aerial Stunts Land Two Pargliders in Hospital

Yet another paragliding accident when 30-year-old Slovakian tourist, Lucia Semanova, took off from Babadağ for a tandem paraglide, with Ibrahim Altın as her pilot.

They were only 5m up in the air when they hit turbulence, and fell back on to the launch area.

Both were taken to the State Hospital where they were pronounced fine apart from scrapes and bruises.

A Performance Coming to Your Area Soon

We have mentioned the Fethiye Belediye’s Band several times in these reports and recently told you about the newly formed Mehter Band which is also supported by the Council.

Well, now you have a chance to see both bands performing live.

The Council’s Main Band is going to give concerts in each district of the town during the summer.

They performed for the first time on 28 June in Tuzla Mahallesi (601 Sokak) and will be coming to your neighbourhood at some point.

Unfortunately no-one has published a list of future dates, so you’ll have to keep your ears peeled.

However, we do know when you can see the Mehter Band: every Wednesday and Saturday evening in the centre of Paspatur.

So you can take guests from the UK to listen to some historic Turkish music.

Meanwhile local press reported the Mehter Band performed in Paspatur on Thursday (can’t they keep to the announced schedule?) and were mobbed by Turkish and foreign tourists.

Seems like if you hang around Paspatur long enough the Mehter Band will turn up and perform.

Young Couple Rescued After Getting Stuck up Butterfly Valley

A young Polish couple on holiday in Ölüdeniz took a boat trip out to Butterfly Valley at the end of the week.

They walked up the Valley to the waterfall, where most butterflies are seen, and having reached that decided to climb up the side of the Valley, to where a second and third waterfall are located.

By the time they had inched their way up to the third and final waterfall, the sun was setting and they realised they were stuck, unable to climb down in the dark.

One of them used his mobile phone to contact a Turkish friend and explain the situation and AKUT (the local search and rescue organisation) sprang into action and eventually located and rescued the couple.

A member of AKUT told local press that similar incidents happen once or twice each year, despite the Valley having signs prominently displayed warning people against the dangers of trying to climb up the sides.