Fethiye Boxing Club members, Sami Kaya and Yesin Cetinkaya, have narrowly failed in the Turkish National Championships held in Kars but are not discouraged and the experience will help them in future events.

As was previously reported, they travelled with their trainer, Sami Sunay, to the tournament held between 11th and 16th June after sponsorship for their travel and accomodation expenses of 1500TL – 500TL from F.I.G., 500TL from Grace Carter and 532TL from Fiona and Eric Robson who organised a Jubilee quiz in Uzumlu.

Sami Sunay told the members of F.I.G. when they visited the Club recently that the boys had aquitted themselves very well against strong opposition and had only lost to the eventual winners in their age groups.

Sami is very proud of his boys’ achievements, saying that whilst they had been eventually defeated in the 3rd round, they had not been discouraged.

They had been bouyed by their experience at the Championships and are determined to bring the medals home next year.

Sami Kaya had lost his bout in the 3rd round against the reigning Turkish Champion, who is older and more experienced.

Sami said there had been a total of 120 bouts at the Championship tournament and not one boxer had been injured – not even a bloody nose!

Whilst at the Club, the sponsors were able to meet other boys and girls who were in strict training under the watchful eye of Mr. John Hoxton, who has an English Full Trainer’s Certificate and 22 years experience.

John has been living in Fethiye for 4 years and regularly trains the youngsters alongside Sami Sunay.

John said the members are dedicated to their sport and he thinks they have good potential. One of the older boys in the club, Sezer, will take part in the 18 year age group International Tournament in September.

Sezer is presently ranked 5th in Turkey.

Some of the young girls in the club spoke about their involvement.

Sisters Aslihan (15) and Denizlan (13) said their father had encouraged them to start boxing, to be different and to give them confidence.

Aslihan is ranked 3rd in Turkey.

2 other girls, Aysenur (15) and Melisa (14) are both fist boxers and Thai/Kick boxers. Melisa has been training since she was 9 years old.

Fethiye should be proud of this small team of sportspeople who don’t get the publicity they deserve.

They need sponsorship for the running of the Club, especially now as their rent has been increased 50%, so if anyone is prepared to assist, please contact F.I.G. members Grace Carter on 0534 389 8125 or Jill Erdogan on 0535 494 7506 and pledge your support.