The festival starts with a ‘pre-Festival performance’ this evening the 20th June with the main event kicking off on Thursday running through until Sunday.


The ‘pre-Festival performance’ on Wednesday evening will take place in Hisarönü Market Place where the stage will be set up.

Tahsin Duru, a local musician, will be singing and playing from 22.00 onwards.


However, the real festival kicks off on Thursday, 21st June, with the popular parade through the streets of Hisarönü starting at 19.00.

Grab yourself a seat on a bar balcony overlooking the street and watch the parade go by. It ends at the Belediye offices at the top of town where, at 20.00, the official opening ceremony for the Festival will take place.

As ever the Festival is split into events involving writers and poets, and musical performances.

We are concentrating on the latter as something that everyone can enjoy and we have looked up all the performers on youtube to give you some idea, however vague, of the kind of music they perform.

If you want to know more go type names into youtube.

Thursday evening continues with Hayri Dev, a saz player who comes from Çameli, who will be on stage at 21.30.

He will be followed at 22.00 by the star of the evening Makbule Kaya, one of those ageless Turkish female singers performing in a traditional style.


Friday has Grup Taka at 20.30 who are a Turkish pop group – young people may enjoy this one.

They are followed at 21.45 by Sadik Gurbuz, a veteran musician who plays and sings traditional Turkish songs.


Saturday starts with a classical concert from music students of Istanbul’s Bosphorus University at 17.00.

At 21.00 Evren Uyar will be on stage, a young man singing in, yet again, traditional Turkish style.

And at 22.00 the evening ends with yet another female songstress, Tülay Özer, giving it her all with slow, slow ballads.


Sunday has that rare bird, an indie Turkish group, who will come on stage at 22.00 and end the Festival.

They are Grup Zakkum and could also be enjoyed by the younger set.

And Finally………

Please remember that the programme is subject to change and, as is usually the case in Turkey, all times are approximate!