We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area for week ending 16th June 2012 the week when the earthquakes dominated the news.

Rumour Mill Working Overtime

Clearly the big news last week was the earthquake which we covered early in the week.

However, aftershocks continued, and when the sea retreated later in the week at Ölüdeniz and Patara beaches a ‘tsunami’ rumour started that led to significant numbers of people heading out of the area.

It also forced the Governor of Muğla to issue a press statement, backed up by an official pronouncement from the Kandili Monitoring Centre in Istanbul, to reassure people that no tsunami would follow from last weekend’s earthquake.

Aftershock Damages Mosque

An aftershock measuring 4.8 was recorded on Thursday evening, which again made the national news.

And the minaret of a mosque adjacent to the main road in Babataş, just beyond the KIPA turn if coming from Fethiye, was shown to have developed cracks during the earthquake, and is being taken down.

As it is so near to the road, they are literally removing one stone at a time to demolish it, without causing damage to neighbouring properties or passing vehicles.

Authorities from the mosque also spoke to the press, to announce a new minaret will be built.

Thieves Take Advantage of Citizens Seeking Safety

Actually there is one final piece of quake news.

Two burglars were arrested in Fethiye’s Tuzla district, after they spent last Sunday night stealing from homes, whose occupants were sleeping outside following the initial earthquake.

The local Chief of Police then issued a press statement reminding home owners that, if they choose to evacuate due to fear of earthquakes, they should make sure their homes are securely locked up.

Bootleg Booze Found on Day Boats

Meanwhile local Environmental Health Officers working with the Coast Guard boat from Göcek, carried out inspections of the kitchens and bars on day boats whilst they were out with tourists.

As well as checking for breaches of food hygiene regulations they were also looking for bootleg alcohol – and they found 11 types.

Last year a group of 20 Russian tourists on a boat trip were seriously poisoned by bootleg alcohol served on an yacht near the resort of Bodrum. Three of the party dies later of the effects.

Dunking Paraglider Unperturbed

A 40-year-old Turkish female paraglider entertained people on Ölüdeniz Beach with an aerobatics display, then realising she was too low to make a beach landing, she dropped into the sea and was brought ashore by the rescue boat.

She told local press she wasn’t injured in any way, in fact she had to be off up the mountain again, to get in another flight before the day ended.

And Finally……..

The week ended with strange weather on Saturday evening: hot winds, lightning and distant thunder rumbles; and the lightning, according to some local sources, is believed to have been the cause of two forest fires breaking out in Dalaman.

The first, not far from the Tunnel, was quickly put out and only burnt around half an acre of forest.

The second on the other side of Dalaman, kept the Forestry Fire Fighters busy into the night before finally being brought under control.