As many readers will already be aware, today at 15.44 EEST a 6.0 earthquake, centred in the sea off Ölüdeniz a popular holiday destination for British tourists, was felt all over the region: from Bodrum to Antalya and north as far as Aydın and Denizli.

One regular reader from Ovacık, who was in his swimming pool when it happened, phoned to say:

“The water started sloshing around, the house looked as if it was trying to tie itself in knots, and behind the house huge clouds of dust were rising from the slopes of Babadağ.”

The dust clouds caused by rock falls he referred to were actually recorded on video, by someone who happened to be on the paragliding launch pad when the quake hit.

Another reader said:

“It was quite frightening to be woken whilst asleep on a sunbed on the beach at the Surf Beach Club by shaking beach and bed! We saw a heavy rockfall from the top of Babadag and watched the dust rise. There was no serious damage where we were just a few bottles and glasses fell from bar.”

By the middle of the evening the casualty toll had reached 35 people, all going to Accident & Emergency with minor injuries, and the Turkish press stated they were actually all victims of panic: jumping off balconies or through windows when the first tremors were felt.

Cracks appeared in some buildings and pavements. In Ölüdeniz it is reported that a car was significantly damaged when masonary fell on to it.

There were aftershocks of diminishing strength but no-one we talked to was aware of them – no doubt still amazed by the experience of the main quake.

However, as the Mayor of Fethiye told the press, no-one was killed so we should be grateful.

After shocks continue to shake the area.

Your Experiences

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Eye Witness Account

Kirstin Curran via Facebook

My husband, parents and I were at the Dedem hotel in Hisaronu by the pool when there was an almighty roaring sound and the ground beneath us began to move like a ‘cake walk’ at the funfair. I looked up and saw the windows in the surrounding apartments shaking like jelly and the water in the pool was sloshing from side to side and spilling out of the pool. My father stood up as he had experienced 2 previous earthquakes at his apartment in Fethiye and began to look for cracks appearing on the floor- which there were none. The noise and shaking lasted no longer than 10 seconds and then everything returned to how it was prior to this happeningl. After a couple of minutes there was an aftershock which caused the windows to flex again but nothing like the tremor before it. This evening in Fethiye we have had another aftershock which caused the light shades to swing. It was my first experience of an earthquake and after the initial adrenaline rush it caused, it is not something I’d like to repeat in a hurry.