We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Get Healthy, Hit that Pedal

If you saw a mob of youngsters on bicycles with security cars in front and rear this week, you should know it was around 300 local students cycling under the slogan “Get healthy, hit that pedal”.

Apparently they cycled around Karagözler then to Çalış and back.

Of course the hidden agenda here is that the Turkish schools close for the summer in a week’s time, so end of year ‘activities’ are currently high on the agenda.

In that context we should applaud the teacher who took them cycling.

Crash, Bang, Ego Bruised

A 51-year-old Turk who lives in Germany, and is on holiday in Ölüdeniz, paraglided solo from Babadağ one day this week.

All went well until he was coming into land when he lost control, hit a tree then fell to the ground.

Luckily he wasn’t injured apart from the odd bruise and scrape – will he paraglide again we ask ourselves?

Promenade Trespassers Punished

Have you noticed how the restaurants/cafes on the Kordon seem to spread themselves out: adding a drinks service area within the adjacent gardens; placing the ice cream fridge next to the jogging path; adding a large pergola to the original building?

Well Fethiye Council certainly took note of this, and this week the Zabita were out visiting all such establishments, armed with the original plans agreed with the Council, which designate exactly the area they can legally use.

Anything set up outside that area was removed, which we imagine means a lot of bean bags were hurled about.

Actually they demolished illegally built shelters and dragged fridges back inside the agreed boundaries.

When challenged over the initiative the mayor responded “They are trespassing on space that belongs to the people of this town to whom we have returned it!”

The Fethiye Mehter Band

Well not only does Fethiye Council have its own marching band it now also has a 28-strong Mehter Band.

Some readers may have caught their first performance last week on 29 May (anniversary of the Fall of Constantinople in 1453) when they played on the Kordon outside the Fethiye Evi.

The Mehter band tradition goes back to the Janissaries, the Ottoman’s elite troops, who were led into battle by the band which mainly comprises zurna, cymbals and the odd drum.

There are numerous historical accounts of how the wailing sounds produced, terrified opposing forces.

But now it’s all done for tourism and produces nothing more than multiple clicking of camera shutters.

They perform in traditional costume, so keep your eyes open for the Mehter Band this summer.

Fire Fighter’s Prepare for Forest Fire Season

In preparation for the ‘forest fire season’ the Forestry Commission held a seminar for all its workers.

Held in the open air at the Commission’s depot just off the Üzümlü road, hundreds of workers sat on the ground in full uniform, even wearing their yellow hard hats.

We hope this was just whilst the local press took photos – it was a hot sunny day and we imagine they would get very hot, very quickly, under those hats.

And Finally……..

Robert Klein, a British doctor holidaying in Fethiye, took a trip with his wife to Saklıkent Canyon this week.

There he slipped while trying to take a photograph, fell and broke his nose.

He ended up in the Devlet hospital where he told local press he was most pleased with the treatment he had received.