The industrious group have been working hard to raise funds for the centre and recently purchased tables, chairs and a dishwasher and are now working on their next fund raising target.

On Monday 21 May 2012 representatives of the Uzumlu Ladies Group met with the Manager, staff and patients of the Rehabilitation Centre on the Uzumlu Road.

The Centre caters for the needs of adult males with mental health and physical disabilities and their families.

They have a small number of residential patients who live-in and each day patients arrive by minibus to spend time there to take part in rehabilitation activities.

The facilities are excellent and they have occupational therapy sessions and sell some of their items to raise funds.

In addition programmes of various activities are held on a regular basis.

The Centre has its own doctor, psychologist, barber, tailor, nurse’s surgery, laundry, etc. They also have a few animals in the grounds – ducks, rabbits, goat and a dog.

We had previously asked the Manager if we could assist in any way with providing equipment for the Centre.

British expats in Fethiye raise money for good causes

He said they would like some tables and chairs for the patio area around their ornamental pool for the staff and patients to spend time out there in the summer.

He also said they could do with a new washing machine.

We set about getting these items and finally had ten tables and forty chairs delivered (we had actually ordered thirty-five chairs but the Manager had called the supplier – Kocatepeler in Karachula – and they had added another five free of charge).

The washing machine was changed to a dishwasher on request from the kitchen staff.

We had an official handover of the items and as you can see from the photos everyone had a good time.

British expats in Fethiye raise money for good causes

We now have had a request from them for an awning to cover the patio around the pool and an estimate for this is around 4000 TL.

We have said we cannot manage this at present but we will be working on possibly getting help in raising this money jointly with another charity groups.

Any suggestions welcome. Please email Virginia Morris –