We follow up on some of our ‘crafty folk’, the local creative people who produce such beautiful things and sell them at our local craft fairs.

Fiona and Eric Robson always seem to be coming up with new ideas for the jewellery Fiona makes, and the paintings that they both produce.

Our picture shows Fiona with one of their ‘Sultan’s Robes’ paintings which are proving very popular. Anyone who has visited Topkapı Palace in, will have seen the amazing kaftans worn by the Sultans on display there.

And it was just such a visit that inspired Fiona and Eric.

Fiona is wearing a glorious necklace and bracelet set featuring chunks of coral, which is one of her latest designs and she has also created lots of jewellery recently using fused glass in a whole range of new colours.

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Finally Norbert and Sylvia who create garden ornaments from a wide range of mainly recycled/natural materials.

They have a whole new line of owls made from logs – you can see them in the front of the picture.

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