The craft fair held in Çalış on Sunday 27 May was yet another great success and we took time to catch up with some of the talented crafters.

We went to the Craft Fair just after it had opened and were amazed at the crowds already strolling up and down the stalls.

We thought we’d look up the crafts people we wrote about after the Christmas Fair, and see what new items they were offering.

Three of the four people featured in the previous article were there, and here’s Julie Zercek, who regular readers will recall is our felt virtuoso, manufacturing a wide range of toys and decorative items from this traditional material.

Below you see Julie displaying a wand and a crown – sure to be some little girl’s dream – which are the latest additions to her range.

Business was brisk on Julie’s stall when we left, so if you wanted an item that had run out, our previous article has details of how to contact Julie and you can read it here.

There’ll be an update on Fiona and Eric Robson together with our German crafters, Norbert and Sylvia, shortly.