Over the years we have often written about plans to restore the ampitheatre, only to have nothing happen. Could things now be moving ahead?

We thought its use during the recent Culture & Arts Festival was a step in the right direction, showing that people would come to events in the theatre, even though it is currently treacherous to enter.

And having read the article in the Belediye’s magazine which is headlined “Restoration of the Ampitheatre is going to start”, we are none the wiser as to when it will begin – let alone be completed.

There also seems to be a conflict between the five different drawings of a restored theatre included in the magazine, one of which you see right.

The drawing seems to show the theatre taking up all the space to the edge of the Bay – where will the road go? It would also seem to depict the theatre as it was in its heyday almost two thousand years ago. How realistic that is will depend on the funding available for the project.

Could it be the Belediye is highlighting this project in the hope it will kick start funding from somewhere?

We have already reported that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has allocated capital funding towards this work in its 2012 budget.

The problem is the ‘towards’ as the Ministry won’t be meeting the entire bill.

The Mayor did meet with the Minister of Tourism & Culture last year when he visited Fethiye. Perhaps this is a coded message to the Minister to get on with releasing some money? Only time will tell.