Yet another of the Belediye’s ‘Prestige Projects’ is the creation of a town square which many readers will have seen underway – the large space in front of the Cultural Centre where building work is currently on-going.

Apparently the idea came from a meeting attended by local great and good, at which it was agreed that the one thing missing in Fethiye was a Town Square – so the Council are creating just that.

The Square will hold 10,000 people and also have shade canopies, pools, statues, fountains with lighting and music, a cycle route, clock tower, children’s play area and be well lighted with plenty of seating.

To create the Square 46 trees had to be taken down, but 190 are being planted in their place alongside thousands of flowering plants.

The trees were removed with root balls intact, and have been replanted in various parks throughout the town.

And for readers who use the car park adjacent to this site, and may be worried about its continuing existence, fear not, the new plans include 3,000 square metres of car parking space seen as vital, given this area’s proximity to the newly pedestrianized region close by.

Fethiye is undergoing some impressive renovations to public areas including the prestige town centre project

Again there is no time scale for completion of this project but they do seem to be working hard on it, so fingers crossed we could soon be strolling in our new town square and environs – Boutique Fethiye style.