We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

More Paragliding Thrills and Spills

Another solo paraglider ended up in the sea this week. Female Iranian pilot, Parisa Tavasolnia, lost control of her parachute and fell 50m into the sea. The rescue boat picked her up and she was pronounced fine after examination at the State Hospital.

Later in the week a solo Russian pilot lost control just before landing and hit an olive tree, then came down on the roof of a shop.

His friends helped him down from the roof and he declined medical assistance.

Close Call for Student Coach

And Ölüdeniz was the scene of yet another drama, this one could have been a scene from a film. A coach carrying students from Karaman University in central Turkey was coming down the hill into the resort when its brakes failed.

The driver headed for the beach sounding his horn repeatedly to get other traffic out of his way.

On the beach the bus stopped and fell onto its side. This resulted in minor injuries to the driver and 20 of his passengers, who were en route to an International Student Games when the accident occurred.

Later the Rector of Muğla University told press that the students would all be fit to take part in the games.

Domestic Violence Victim Protected but Afraid

A 21-year-old woman, 7 months pregnant, was taken to the State Hospital when she phoned Jandarma to accuse her husband of violence.

The woman, who lives in a village near Kemer, told local press that ever since her marriage, two years ago, her husband had insisted she looked after his sister’s young children each day. He had also beaten her regularly.

Now, she said, I am 7 months pregnant and just can’t cope with the children any more. Her husband had beaten her and locked her in a room, from where she used a mobile phone to summon the jandarma.

The press stated she had bruises on her face and arms. Meanwhile the husband was questioned and then released.

The wife was taken to Antalya for investigation into the baby’s condition, and told press as she left, that she knew her husband had been released and was now in fear for her life.

Campaign Against Domestic Violence

Ironically the above story appeared next to one explaining how the local Islamic religious authorities are carrying out a campaign against domestic violence.

They intend to visit 50,000 families in the area, to hand out books and explain how Islam can ensure families live happily and peacefully together.

Fethiye Building Works Protest Creates Town Hall Reaction

The power of the local press was briefly revealed, when traders in Paspatur called in the reporters to complain about the noise and dust descending on them, from a house being built in old Fethiye above the central, tourist area.

The traders complained tourists were leaving the area in droves, unable to cope with the noise of the pneumatic hammers. They also said they had formally complained to the Belediye but nothing had happened. Reporters then proceeded to the Belediye building to interview Head of Zabita, Halime Ok.

When they arrived Halime hanım was preparing to leave the building “I am going to stop that building work right now” she told them. Meanwhile all disruptive building work must stop by 15th May to avoid upsetting tourists – so if you have a site near you that keeps going, head on down to Halime.