We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.



Solo Paraglider Crash

The first paragliding accident of the season when a solo pilot, Portuguese Sergio Tavaros, lost control of his parachute, but managed to manoeuvre himself out over the sea before activating his emergency ‘chute, then falling 50m into the water.

The rescue boat picked him and he was taken to the State Hospital, where he was pronounced fine and discharged.

Lucky man.

Paraglider Protest at Babadag Entry Fees Increase

Meanwhile there was turmoil amongst the paragliding community in Ölüdeniz when an entirely unexpected increase in entry fees to go up Babadağ was announced.

The fee for a solo pilot went up from 15 – 17 TL and for a tandem flight it increased from 20 – 25TL. There are 11 paragliding companies in Ölüdeniz, employing 110 professional pilots, and they instantly started protesting the rises via local press.

They made several good points in their various press interviews: individuals and groups book in advance to paraglide from the mountain so we have charged them at the old rate and will thus have to find the increase from our own pockets; there hasn’t been any improvement to facilities on the mountain so how can this rise be justified; perhaps the powers that be should think about lowering the fees and thus attracting even more customers for paragliding; and so on.

By the end of the week the new fees had not been lowered, and paragliding companies claimed they were now cancelling advanced bookings.

Doctor of the Year From Fethiye

Every year the Ministry of Health invites every province in Turkey to choose a ‘Doctor of the Year’ and this year’s winner for Muğla works in Fethiye.

Dr Ufuk Yelkenci, the winning doctor who is based at the No.2 Health Centre, was presented with his award this week.

Bus Fares Rise

An increase in dolmuş fares on certain routes was announced. The circular dolmuş that goes around town labelled ‘Taşyaka – Karagözler’ will now cost 2.5TL.

We like the phrase ‘indi-bindi’ that means ‘get on-get off’ (in other words you only do part of the journey, not the whole) and the indi-bindi rate for the circular dolmuş has gone up to 2TL.

The other increase which will affect a lot of readers is the Fethiye-Çalış dolmuş that now costs 2TL, and the indi-bindi rate on that one is also 2TL.

Shooter Arrested

A 55-year-old man called Ali with mental health problems, was working in his field near the village of Ören when a jandarma van drove by on routine patrol.

Ali, convinced they were coming to get him, fired his hunting rifle at the van then ran away.

No-one was injured.

It took the jandarma, reinforced with commando units, twelve hours to track him through the forest and arrest him.

He is now in a secure hospital undergoing evaluation.